Independent Living Lease Fees

King’sBridge offers you the opportunity to find the perfect type of residence for your independent living needs.  Residents can choose from several different apartment-style options.

Single-occupancy monthly lease fees range from $1,325 for a Studio apartment to $4,000 for a spacious two-bedroom residence.  For those desiring shared occupancy, an additional $500 monthly fee is required. This is a great option for couples making the decision to enjoy the retirement lifestyle King’sBridge offers.   

King’sBridge is committed to making independent living costs affordable. Many retirement communities require a large up-front fee, but King’sBridge residents do not have to “buy-in” to be a part of the community.

In addition, as a not-for-profit organization, King’sBridge re-invests funds into the further enhancement of the property. Residents can enjoy independent living, without worry about upkeep or maintenance.

One Bedroom$2,650$3,150625
One Bedroom/Study$3,475$3,975788
Two Bedroom$4,000$4,500938

One Bedroom

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One Bedroom + Study

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Two Bedroom

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Whether you choose to enjoy our Studio apartment, one-bedroom with or without an additional study, or our spacious two-bedroom apartment, you can be sure that the independent living you desire can be achieved with reasonable cost and a host of amenities.